Friday, 13 June 2014

Finally back to my blog!

So, after what seems like (is) an eternity, I've remembered that I have a blog!

I'm just a few days away from embarking on an incredible arts research project with a professional dancer from the UK, Darren Pritchard.  (I say 'embarking' but it feels more like just 'barking'!)  We're going to be locking ourselves away in darkened room for 6 weeks to explore what can be done with dance and the Kinect sensor.

The project travels under the title of Body of Light.  This is phase 1.  A second phase later in the year will take place in Manchester, UK, and develop what we have created into a performance-ready…er…thing.

A little while back I hooked up the Kinect sensor to my laptop and gave it a test.  It sounds simpler than it was.  This is what I look like as a depth map…
Exciting times ahead!

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